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Auctions are a great way to move overstocked items or things that you just don't want or need anymore.

It is our job to make the selling process as profitable and painless as possible.

For high value items we are able to accept a reserve, this can be discussed with the auctioneer.

A reserve is the lowest price for which the seller will sell the item. The reserve price is confidential information and known only to the seller and the auctioneer. If the bid price falls below the reserve, then the lot will be sold subject to the vendor's consent. If sold subject to the vendor's consent, the highest bid price and bidder will be recorded and this will be passed as an offer to the seller.  If the seller accepts the offer, there is a contractual obligation for the bidder to purchase the lot.

As a seller you will be required to pay a commission to JW Auctions.  This is negotiable depending upon the value of the item or items that you are wanting to sell.

Additionally, JWAuctions will put together an advertising and marketing program that provides the best value for you.

Remember, we are committed to getting you the best possible financial return.

You will receive your net payment within 14 days after the sale.  The time varies on the amount of time it takes to clear cheques and credit card payments.
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